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Gabby and Diane plan to flee Emmerdale after Kim's true intentions come to light

But will they go through with it?

Kim proposes that Gabby draw up a will, giving her sole parental rights to her child. And later, Gabby is shocked when she overhears Kim on a call to her lawyer in which she ruthlessly demands full custody of Millie by any means possible.

Frustrated with her own situation, Diane suggests to Gabby that they flee the village to get away from their troubles. And Diane is alarmed to hear that Kim wants to amend Gabby’s will to say that she’ll get custody of Gabby’s baby.

When Gabby and Diane meet Bernice at the Woolpack, Bernice is shocked to learn of Diane’s plan to go move to Portugal.

But they're thrilled when Bernice later suggests she moves to Portugal with them, reminding her that she has to keep quiet about Gabby’s plan to move.

Elsewhere, Kim threatens to exact her revenge after finding out that Andrea’s requested a restraining order against her.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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