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Gail suffers a heart attack in Corrie as Natasha keeps Sam away from Nick

Will Gail pull through?

Nick’s saddened that Natasha still won’t let him see Sam and when David discovering that Gail is looking after him tomorrow, he forms a plan.

Later, Nick’s choked when he bumps into Sam, but Natasha drags him away. And Nick tells an angry Sarah he’s going to sell his shares in the factory as he wants to spend more time with Leanne.

As David puts pressure on Gail to let Sam see Nick, a stressed Gail is adamant that she must respect Natasha’s wishes. But when David later dupes Gail into Sam and Nick meeting, a row breaks out at the Platts.

When Gail heads outside for some air, Sam finds her doubled over and clutching her chest in pain. As an ambulance is called, a breathless Gail accuses Nick, Sarah and David of causing her heart attack, with their endless bickering.

Coronation Street continues Mondays with all episodes available on ITV Hub ahead of being shown on ITV


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