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Gary becomes prime suspect for Rick's murder in Corrie

Will Laura force a confession out of him?

As Gary is asked some difficult questions about his dealings with Rick by the private investigator, in the Rovers, Laura knocks back wine and morphine tablets, admitting she’s done nothing but let Kelly down.

Gary comes to her rescue as she stumbles out of the pub and is worried to realise she’s been drinking on top of her medication.

Meanwhile, Kelly is gobsmacked after Maria reveals that she’s put her forward for Trainee Stylist of the Year at the North West Hairdressing Awards. And when Aggie lets slip that Laura has been drinking on top of her meds, Kelly’s furious.

Calling her the most selfish mother in the world, she tells a crushed Laura she wants her out but Gary urges Kelly to cut her mum some slack and make the most of the time she has left. But how will Gary react when Laura asks him to become Kelly’s guardian? Claiming he's more of a father to her than Rick ever was.

And when Maria shows him a picture of the new site for County’s training ground, which has been moved because of her campaign, Gary is horrified as he reveals it’s the spot he moved Rick’s body to!

As Gary tells Maria that he plans to move Rick’s body, the private investigator tells Laura he’s had no success in tracking down Rick. But she's shocked when he suggests he’s dead and that Gary is the prime suspect.

And when Gary tries to break into the building site, a security guard sees him off and as he contemplates his fate, is confronted by Laurs.

With the pressure getting to him, will Gary admit he murdered Rick?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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