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Gemma and Chesney appeal for Joseph's safe return in Corrie after he goes missing

But will he be found? And when Hope disappears, where is she off to?

Whilst Gemma gets Aled ready for his appointment with the audiologist, Joseph reminds Chesney he needs money for the school trip and a new school jumper.

When Joseph confides in Hope that they’ve no money to pay for the school trip, Hope hands him Fiz’s purse and tells him to help himself. As Joseph eyes the cash will he steal it?

Later, Gemma and Chesney are shocked to learn that Joseph is being bullied at school because they can’t afford to buy him things and Fiz suggests to Chesney that he needs to start focusing on Joseph.

As he quizzes Joseph about the bullies at school, Chesney offers to speak to his teacher, but Joseph gets upset, adamant that would only make matters worse. Going behind his son's back, Chesney breaks his promise and reports the bullies, leaving Joseph feeling angry.

Feeling awful, Chesney heads out to the backyard to apologise to Joseph, only to discover him missing. After a fruitless search, Chesney returns home and reveals Joseph’s run away. Gemma calls the police.

After reporting him missing to the police, the officer heads out and Chesney fears for Joseph’s safety, scouring the streets for his son. Soon, Gemma comes out of No.5 revealing that the police have found Joseph’s jumper, leaving Chesney feeling sick.

Following a fruitless night searching for Joseph, Chesney’s at his wit’s end. Dev offers to set up a fundraising appeal so he can offer a reward for information.

When Hope wonders what’s going on, Fiz explains that Joseph’s missing and orders her to tidy her room, explaining that someone is coming to value the house. Hope watches from her bedroom window as a tearful Chesney and Gemma make a public appeal for the safe return of Joseph.

Whilst a forlorn Joseph wanders the streets carrying a holdall and a rolled-up tent, a strung-out Chesney admits to Gemma that he fears he’ll never see his son again.

Meanwhile, Evelyn’s horrified to realise Hope has slipped out while her back was turned and having called Tyrone, ascertaining that Hope isn’t with him, Fiz is beside herself.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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