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Gemma manages to convince Henry Newton to save the Rovers from closure in Corrie

But at what cost to her and Chesney's relationship?

When a croaky Glenda reveals she has lost her voice and can’t perform at the event they're throwing to impress the Newtons, Jenny and Daisy are both gutted.

Phillip Newton, however, is impressed when he finds out Glenda had booked singer Glyn Young. But when an elderly old man with a hearing aid arrives Jenny, Glenda and Daisy are thrown into panic. Will the night be a flop and will Philip and Henry agree to buy the Rovers?

Later, having looked at the accounts, Henry gently breaks the news to Jenny that the brewery isn’t prepared to buy the Rovers and hands her the contact details of a developer.

Despondent, Jenny tells Daisy that a property developer is coming to value the pub. Meanwhile, in the Kabin, Steve and George reveal that they’ve set up a crowdfunding page in the hope they can save the Rovers.

Given her history with Henry, George suggests that Gemma could use her womanly wiles to change his mind about buying the place. Could it work?

Later, Gemma arrives at the hotel expecting to work on a cider promotion, but Henry explains that there is no promotion and he just wanted some time alone with her. How will she react?

When George lets slip that Gemma is meeting Henry and going to try and work her magic on him, Chesney’s angry to realise she lied to him and heads over to the hotel. What will he find?

Meanwhile, when property developer Richard calls at the Rovers, Steve and George are gutted when Daisy explains that Jenny has no option but to sell up.

Back at home, Gemma explains she was only trying to save the Rovers and is not interested in Henry. But will Chesney believe her?

Feeling bad about the pub going up for sale, Gemma feels she can put a stop to it all if only Chesney would let her work with Henry. Calling at the kebab shop, Bernie tells Chesney that he needs to get over his dislike of Henry and prove to Gemma that he trusts her to work with Henry.

Meeting up with Henry in the precinct, he's delighted when she tells him that if he promises to save the pub, she’ll accept his job offer.

Back at No.5, Gemma breaks the news to Chesney that Henry has agreed to buy the Rovers on the condition that she takes the job as his PA. Burying his anxiety, Chesney hugs her.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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