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Gemma puts wedding plans aside to stage a protest at the school in Corrie

Will she succeed in her demands for the school to teach BSL to all their pupils?

When Gemma confides in Bernie that she’d like to get married, Bernie advises her to take charge and start organising the wedding as Chesney will be thrilled. But is Bernie right?

After Chesney tells Gemma that even if they had the money, he wouldn’t waste it on a wedding, some home truths from Dev make him think.

Chesney returns home with an empty chilli sauce tub and shows Gemma how he’s turned it into a piggy bank so they can save up for the wedding. But Gemma is more concerned that Joseph got into trouble at school for using sign language.

After calling at the school to confront Joseph’s teacher, Mrs York, a furious Gemma and Bernie stage a sit-in in a classroom after Mrs York was totally dismissive of Joseph’s BSL skills, demanding that the school teach BSL to all their pupils. Michael is horrified to find himself locked in with them and explains that he only called in to discuss Glory’s start date at nursery.

Back on the street, news of the protest reaches Chesney as the residents tune in to Gemma’s live stream and Mrs York locks the classroom door and announces that Gemma, Bernie and Michael can stay in there all night.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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