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Gemma's setback pushes Chesney to pursue his burger joint dreams in Corrie

How will she react when he uses their wedding money to fund it?

At No.5, an upbeat Gemma tells Chesney that her first potential client is coming around tomorrow, a lady with two kids, one of them deaf. And later, after Dev notices that there’s a huge packet of beef in the fridge about to go to waste, he tells Chesney to help himself.

Back at No.5, Chesney cooks a homemade burger and chips for Gemma and she's impressed when he tells her that his dream is to one day have his own burger joint called Ches Burger!

When Gemma shows potential client India around No.5, it's soon clear that she’s not happy with Gemma’s lack of childcare qualifications. Disappointed, a despondent Gemma calls at the kebab shop and tells Chesney that her childcare plans are dead in the water as she lacks all the necessary qualifications.

After explaining to him that she can no longer look after Glory as she’d be breaking the law, Michael suggests to Gemma that they continue on an informal basis and the authorities need never know.

When Daniel reveals that he’s looking for a new childminder, Michael recommends Gemma. Gemma explains that she’s not a qualified childminder but happy to help.

But when Chesney reveals that he used their wedding money to fund his new Ches Burger enterprise, Gemma’s furious.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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