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Geoff comes clean to the police in Corrie

After deleting footage from his laptop and Sally is disgusted by her latest discovery.

When the police arrive, ordering her to hand over the keys to No.6, Alya knows she's beaten and shoves the keys at Geoff.

Having finally gained entry, Geoff retrieves the hidden camera, opens his laptop, logs in, locates the footage of their final argument and deletes it. But when Tim suddenly appears, how will Geoff explain himself?

Imran confides in Alya that Geoff has been frequenting a hotel bar in town, having gone through his bank accounts. However her mood is ruined when Imran reveals Yasmeen intends to plead guilty.

With her suspicion about Geoff growing, Sally speaks to Alya and is disgusted to hear about Geoff’s penchant for prostitutes.

With Tim in disbelief, Geoff’s discomfort says it all and realising that the truth will come out in court, Geoff admits he hired escorts as Yasmeen refused him sex.

Whilst Sally is disgusted, Tim reckons it can only help Geoff’s case as it proves Yasmeen had a motive for trying to kill him.

As Geoff goes to let the police know, Alya worries that she’s played straight into his hands and she's horrified when Yasmeen tells her how he gave her an STI and begs her to expose Geoff for what he is and tell the court the truth.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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