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George and Glenda continue to clash as Michael makes things official with Glenda in Corrie

But will Glenda feel the same? And how will George take the news?


After spending the night together, Glenda ushers Michael out of the back door of the pub and Dee-Dee tells George that a mediator would save them both money.

When Mary repeats the advice to Glenda, Debbie offers to do it. How will, it go?

Meanwhile, Glenda bumps into Michael in the ginnel and kissing him on the lips, takes him by the hand and leads him into the Rovers.

When Glenda reveals that RestEasy are keen to buy Shuttleworths, George is apoplectic and Michael calls at the Rovers to find them both rowing. Stepping in, Michael announces that he and Glenda are now an item and he should show her more respect.

Parking herself next to a nervous Michael, Glenda pulls him in for a kiss and assures him she feels the same way, leaving Michael thrilled.

Coronation Street continues Monday 10th and Wednesday 12th June on ITV1


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