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George discovers a shocking truth as his parents arrive in Walford in EastEnders

How will he take the news? And what could it be?

Elaine continues to struggle as Cindy tries to insert herself into George’s life and she's shocked when she catches Cindy asking George if he’s happy with his life choices.

But as George tries to explain himself, he receives two unexpected visitors, his parents, Gloria and Eddie.

When Elaine is concerned by George's reaction to his parents’ arrival, he refuses to open up.

Meanwhile, at the Beale house, Cindy tells Ian that George was adopted and Gloria is thrilled to be reunited with Gina and Anna, but it’s tense between Eddie and his eldest granddaughter. Later, Gloria reveals a shocking truth to George.

The following morning, having spent the night on the sofa, George lies to Elaine so he can sneak off to meet Cindy.

At a café, George reveals all to Cindy about his adoption, and the pair attempt to find out more information but are shocked by what they find.

Later, Elaine consoles a broken George who finally reveals all and breaks down in her arms.

The following day, George invites Gloria and Eddie for dinner in an attempt to get some much-needed answers.

Things get off to a harmonious start, but it’s not long before a huge row ensues when Eddie’s rude comments to Gina rile Cindy. And later, George and Gloria have a heart-to-heart as Gloria shares some invaluable insight into his heritage.

EastEnders continues New Year's Day to Thursday 4th January on BBC One


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