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George Knight causes a stir when he arrives to help run The Vic in EastEnders

How will Linda react to Elaine's plan?

When George Knight rocks up in Walford with his daughters Anna and Gina in tow, they arrive at The Vic and Linda is stunned when he introduces himself as Elaine's fella and tells her they've arrived from Marbella to help run The Vic.

Linda is incandescent with rage to discover that Elaine's plan all along was to invite her fiancé and his family to join them.

Meanwhile, George's arrival causes a stir in Walford as he makes his mark and he's instantly recognised by Jack, Phil and Winston as a championship boxer.

Soon, Nish learns that George isn't to be messed with as the two men butt heads.

Back at The Vic, George promises Linda he won't cause trouble because all he wants to do is build a great life with Elaine and the girls.

Meanwhile, it's love at first sight for Bobby when he sees the Knight girls, but they fare less well with Kathy, who bites their head off when they bring chihuahua Tyson into the café.

Later, in The Vic, the Knight girls misjudge the mood in The Vic as they try to get the party started that evening, unaware of Lola’s demise.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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