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George spirals following a vicious showdown with Eddie in EastEnders

Can Cindy get him to open up?


As he makes a difficult phone call to his estranged son, Junior, to update him about the family news, George gets his voicemail.

Calling George, Eddie asks to meet him to discuss Gloria. However, during a vicious showdown, Eddie and George trade wounding words, which send George deeper into despair.

Unable to contain his fury, George heads to the underground boxing club only to be stopped by Phil who’s concerned and begs him not to tight. However, George doesn’t listen and ends up getting knocked out.

As George wakes up on Phil’s sofa battered and bruised, Elaine, Anna and Gina are horrified to see the state of him when he returns and he lies that some thugs jumped them. 

Later, George tries to make some headway against Eddie, but a knockback sends him spiralling again. When George storms off, Elaine decides not to intervene, but Cindy, who is deeply worried, confronts Phil to find out where he’s going. 

Arriving at the boxing club, Phil and Cindy find the bouncers refusing George entry and Cindy takes him to the Boxing Den to talk. 

Later, Peter and Ian bring family and friends together to remember Lucy on the day before the tenth anniversary of her death. As she misremembers things, Cindy struggles and is reminded how much of Lucy’s life she missed. 

Slipping away, she goes to find George at the Boxing Den. But can she get him to open up?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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