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Gina makes an angry revelation in EastEnders following Elaine & George's dinner with Cindy & Ian

What could her revelation mean for the Beales and the Knights?

Cindy launches a new bid to get investment from the Panesars with a pie-and-mash shop business pitch.

But Peter is deeply uncomfortable about getting into bed with Suki's family and confesses their past to Cindy, who uses it as leverage over Vinny.

Later at The Vic, as Nish is about to sign the Beales contract, Ravi bursts in to share the news about Nugget going missing!

As Cindy's continued efforts to get the deal done, provoke fury in Nish, he slams her parenting track record. Biting back, Cindy bites back and rips up the contract in Nish's face, blowing the whole deal

Following her row with Nish, indy hits Phil up for the investment money and almost succeeds. However, this time it's Ian who blows the deal after flat-out refusing to take cash from Phil.

Elsewhere, the Knights are excited when George reveals he's got a buyer for his Marbella bar.

When Peter shares his pain over being dismissed by sisters Gina and Anna, Cindy goes to the pub to try to talk to them and ends up having a heart-to-heart with Gina,

Having witnessed the chat, a soft-hearted Anna decides to tell her mum that George has a buyer for the bar.

Later, Cindy tells Ian that George is selling the Marbella bar, and half of it belongs to her. And Elaine and George's excitement over the bar sale is destroyed by Cindy, who comes to stake her claim.

Determined to keep things civil, George invites Cindy and Ian to dinner to talk over the issue. As the foursome sit down together, tensions are high and when Cindy gets George alone, she becomes manipulative.

Later, Ian and Cindy make the ill-advised decision to go to The Vic to celebrate their new chapter. But as the sniping starts with George and Elaine, everyone is silenced by Gina's angry revelation. What could it be?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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