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Goldie discovers the truth about Prince and Olivia's plan in Hollyoaks

But as she tries to make their engagement fail, will Goldie succeed?

Prince prepares to tell his mum the truth about moving to New Zealand, but she won’t be quiet long enough to let him finish and he lets her believe that he just wants her to put more effort in with Olivia. But when Goldie plans a girls’ weekend away, it’s not long before Olivia blurts out the truth.

After Olivia’s revelation, Goldie confronts Prince for not telling her about New Zealand and Prince is furious with Olivia for telling his mum.

But when he confides in Peri, she helps him see that Olivia wasn’t trying to cause trouble.

When Olivia confides in Prince about feeling as though she’s living in Lily’s shadow, he reassures her that she’s not and that he’s happy with moving to New Zealand. But when Goldie overhears, will she start being OK with it too?

Set on making Prince’s engagement fail, Goldie sets up a dating profile for Olivia... only a minor detail gives her plan away.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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