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Grace and Felix team up to take Fergus down in Hollyoaks

As Darren is put in a coma after The Loft sign comes crashing down.

As Grace prepares for the relaunch of her nightclub, Felix puts up the new sign for The Loft and dodgy businessman Fergus has a sinister plan to sabotage the day.

Knowing that Grace hasn’t got insurance, Fergus tells Timmy to keep watch whilst he loosens the bolts to the sign. And when Fergus later asks Warren where his loyalty lies. Will they be with him, or with Felix?

Meanwhile, Luke tries to help Darren decide whether he wants to be with Nancy or Mandy and making a decision, Darren invites Mandy to meet him at The Loft. But before he gets a chance to say what he needs to say, The Loft Sign comes crashing down, leaving Darren clinging to life.

Felix is lost for words when Grace blames him for sinking her club and Warren is furious when Fergus reveals that he used Warren’s tools to loosen the sign. Blackmailing him, Fergus asks Felix for complete loyalty. But when Fergus turns up with a proposition for Grace, can she trust him?

Whilst Darren lies in a coma, Mandy and Nancy nervously wait outside the hospital for results and it's awkward when Mandy - as his next of kin - is the only one allowed in. Feeling she has to do something, Nancy confronts Grace.

Forgetting his best friend's name when telling Cindy and mum Sue what happened at The Loft, it becomes evident that Luke's dementia is getting worse. And Cindy later makes a shocking decision for Luke's sake.

Demanding to know exactly what went on between Nancy and Darren before his accident, Mandy has a shocking announcement which is a huge blow for Nancy. Later, Darren takes a turn for the worse.

Elsewhere, as Fergus’ scheming looks to be paying off, it's panic stations for Grace and Felix and later Felix tells Warren that he plans to take Fergus down and asks for his help.

Deciding to play the long game with Fergus, Grace tells Felix that once she has enough ammo, she can get rid of him for good.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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