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Grace is arrested in Hollyoaks as Fergus gets his revenge

And they both fight for The Loft. But who will win?

Still in Fergus’ bad books, Grace discovers that all of her things are being thrown out of The Loft, but she won’t give up that easily and tries to persuade them to stop.

As Grace plays nice with Fergus, there’s more to her plan than meets the eye and she ups her game by interrupting his meeting with a potential tenant. Ferfus is not best pleased when she makes him out to be a terrible landlord.

Later, Fergus gets his revenge as Grace is arrested after he gives a false statement to the police.

When Fergus tells Grace that he’ll change his statement if she signs over her shares of The Loft, faced with an ultimatum, she intends to accept Fergus’ offer until a sudden idea leads to her inviting him and Warren for lunch.

But it’s a bid to distract them as she uses this time to find some dirt on Fergus and manages to get her hands on his laptop.

At a dead-end, Grace struggles to guess Fergus’ laptop password. Meanwhile, he rants to Warren about the missing laptop and Trish tells him to leave it to her.

Later, she shows up at Grace’s apartment looking for the laptop and uses a fake story about Fergus’ brothers to draw parallels between him and Grace, hoping to emotionally blackmail her into giving up.

Timmy shows up panicking about the launch of a ‘new girl’ on their CCTV money-making scheme, ‘operation bluebird’, but, as usual, Fergus has a plan, and he reveals who his new target is…

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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