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Graham Norton to host Wheel of Fortune revival on ITV1

The legendary game show will be spinning its way back to ITV1 and ITVX in 2024 as contestants once again spin to win!

Credit: SO Television LTD

ITV has announced that the legendary game show Wheel of Fortune will be returning to our screens for eight brand new episodes, including two celebrity specials, in 2024 with Graham Norton as its new host.

Once again, the game will be centred around a giant carnival wheel as the contestants spin to win a life-changing cash prize. In this thrilling game of skill and luck, the turn of the wheel secures a cash value before they pick a letter to help them solve the puzzle. For every correct letter they reveal in the puzzle they win multiples of that amount.

The pressure is on as they could lose everything at a spin of a wheel which contains ‘bankrupts’ and ‘lose a turn’ and the contestants' entire winnings could be wiped out.

In addition to cash, they can also win some impressive prizes which are added to their cash pot to help them reach the bonus round. Everything is up for grabs but only one lucky contestant will get the chance to add big money to their cash pot and see if they can take it home.

Speaking about hosting Wheel of Fortune, Graham Norton said "I’m beyond excited to be bringing such an iconic American show to a new British audience. My first ever TV job was a game show on ITV so this feels like coming full circle. You might even call it a wheel!"

Based on the successful global brand, Wheel of Fortune will be produced by Whisper North, part of the Sony Pictures Television-backed Whisper Group, and executive produced by Kerri Reid and Tom McLennan.

ITV's Head of Entertainment Commissioning, Katie Rawcliffe said "We are thrilled to have the much loved Graham Norton bringing this iconic game show to our viewers. Anything can happen on the spin of a wheel, it is going to be so much fun."

To which Whisper CEO, Sunil Patel, added "We’re thrilled to be bringing such a well-known and globally loved show to ITV primetime, and of course, to be working with the incredible Graham Norton, who we know will bring the show alive for contestants and audiences alike."

Wheel of Fortune returns in 2024 on ITV1 and ITVX


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