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Griff knocks Spider out in Corrie as latest plan worries Max

Will Max phone the police? And can David stop his son from moving out?

As Audrey, Gail, Nick, David, Shona, Leanne, Max, Sam and Toyah sit down to Christmas lunch in the bistro, Max unwraps his present and is thrilled to find a state-of-the-art editing package. But when David makes a joke about Griff, Max leaps to his defence and storms out.

Regretting his remarks, David later spots Griff being pally with Max at the Christmas market and loses his temper and tries to drag Max away. But when Max tells David that he hates him, David reels when he announces that he's moving in with Griff.

When Griff asks Max to update some of their videos, he's happy to help, but David is left shaken after Toyah warns him that Griff is a dangerous man and he needs to get Max out of his grasp.

As Lily sits with her new ear pods in, watching one of Max’s far-right propaganda videos, she shows it to Eliza and promises to send her a link.

Later, Stu calls round with Eliza’s laptop and shows a shocked David and Shona the video.

With Maria planning to rebrand the Christmas market as a Peace festival, Griff orders Spider to meet him at his flat. Unaware that Griff is leading him to believe he is planning something for Maria’s meeting at the Town Hall.

Soon, Spider gets a message from Max asking him to meet him urgently. What is Max up to? Coming face-to-face with Griff, Spider is knocked out cold with a crowbar.

Meanwhile, Maria, Alya, Yasmeen, Daryan, Stu and Gary set up the stalls at the Peace Market and having been told by Griff and the gang that the Speed Daal van is now at the bottom of the canal, Max is concerned when he sees it back on Victoria Street.

When Lauren takes a call from her Dad, warning her to steer well away from the market today, a worried Max reckons they should call the police and warn people. Will they have time?

Following a successful operation, Spider regains consciousness and Toyah assures him that she’ll learn to put up with the dangers of his job as she can’t live without him.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1

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