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Gunshots are fired at opening night of Peggy's in EastEnders

But who gets shot? And who's behind the shooting?

Despite being sacked, Sam orders the staff around as Kat and Sharon prepare for the grand opening of Peggy’s.

Seeing an opportunity, Kat and Sharon leave Sam alone with a long list of issues to sort.

As Sam rushes off to get ready, she gives Dotty the keys who tells Shirley that the coast is clear.

Later, Sharon and Kat bond as they work together to get everything ready, but their happiness is short-lived when they arrive to see Shirley has trashed the club! Payback for all the times the Mitchells have hurt her family.

When Shirley warns them that she won’t stop with her vendetta, they are stopped in their tracks when two men enter waving a gun. As Shirley takes cover in the office, Kat and Sharon panic and try to call Sam for help but a gunshot rings out and chaos ensues!

With Sharon and Kat reeling from the warning shot, Shirley panics as she realises the thugs want the safe where is she hiding and tries to reach Dotty.

Confident, Sam enters and refuses to back down to the men’s demands, telling them to pass a defiant message on to Jonah. Realising their threats are serious, Sam eventually gives in and takes them to the safe but things quickly gets out of control leaving someone shot!

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC Two


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