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Harriet fights for Will the night before his wedding in Emmerdale

But when Kim overhears, will the wedding go ahead?

Following his stag do, Will is feeling subdued and tries to assure Bob that his declaration to Harriet was just a drunken mistake.

As Will attempts to play it all down to Harriet, matters are made worse when after a charged moment, Will scuttles away, which only serves to further convince Harriet of his feelings for her.

Before long, Dan picks up on Will's awkwardness and it's left to Harriet to cover.

The next day, as Kim awaits her wedding day, utterly content with the man she is going to marry, a guilty Harriet bails from attending.

When Will finds out, Kim is puzzled by his change in mood. Confronting Harriet, Will insists that she be at the wedding and arranges to meet her later which only fuels Harriet’s hope.

Sensing something is wrong, Kim goes looking for Will and at the scrapyard listens in as Harriet fights for Will’s love. What will Kim do with this knowledge on the eve before her big day?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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