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Harriet forces Will to punish her by locking her in the cellar in Emmerdale

But how long can she be silenced for?

With Harriet gone AWOL, Will tries his best to cover his worry, but panics when he sees a police car pull up.

Having been at the station ranting about "a body" a stressed Harriet appears with PC Swirling and Will covers that she was speaking about about the exhumation, leaving Swirling satisfied.

But as Harriet remains insistent on confessing to all her crimes, she asks Will to punish her, to silence her. Is Will capable of doing what she’s asking?

Soon after, Will explains to Dawn that Harriet’s gone away on a church retreat. Clearly uneasy, we see him hide Harriet’s mobile phone in a drawer. Is he harbouring a dark secret?

With Harriet absent, Will convinces Dawn to let him move back in, but we soon see him head down to the cellar where Harriet sits in a self-imposed exile, with only her Bible and some food. She believes that sequestering herself is the only way to repent her sins.

In the village, Will explains how Harriet is "away on a retreat" and when he asks her how long it will last, Harriet says she can't give him an exact answer as it is a question of faith.

Will worries how long Harriet will remain in the cellar?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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