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Harry and his heavies react badly to Caleb's proposition in Emmerdale

What will this mean for brothers Caleb and Cain?

The pressure builds for Nate this week as he declines another dodgy job with Corey but with Cain and Tracy starting to ask difficult questions it’s becoming tricky.

Later, after suggesting getting a promotion to Caleb, Nate’s encouraged to be put in a management role. When Caleb takes Nate off to celebrate, Cain, seeing their camaraderie, feels left out.

Curious, Chas is soon surprised to learn Caleb is the owner of the driving firm giving Cain new business.

Meanwhile, Corey’s incredulous Nate has taken his position of manager and is demanding the illegal jobs come to a stop. And when Cain extends an olive branch to a resistant Nate, Chas feels guilty knowing the truth about Nate’s job.

The next day, Nate's alarmed when Caleb tells him Chas knows about the driving firm. Finding Corey shifting illegal guns, Nate decides to take action. But when Tracy appears he’s forced to hide them in a panic.

When Nate reveals the dodgy dealings, Caleb is angry, and hearing that guns have been hidden, rushes to retrieve them. But they're soon filled with dread to find the guns have gone missing.

At a loss over how to explain this to Corey, Nate ignores his messages and when a worried Tracy picks up on his mood, Nate dashed out. Hearing that the guns have gone missing, Corey is less than happy.

Knowing who they belonged to, the group are anxious and Caleb sets up the meeting with Harry and an apprehensive Nate fills Tracy in on everything. Fuming, Tracy doesn't want him to meet Harry alone and suggests he take Cain with him.

Over at the Car office, Caleb does his best to remain unfazed as he meets with an intimidating Harry. When Caleb insists on putting a stop to any illegal business, Harry’s heavies start to get physical he knows he’s in trouble.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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