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Harvey and Mitch are beaten up in EastEnders as Kat is threatened ahead of opening night at Peggy's

Is Kat right to suspect Shirley?

When the cab office receives some threatening calls, Kat assumes it's Shirley and confronts her before soon realising someone else is behind the threats.

Later, as Harvey and Mitch talk on the phone, the line goes dead and Harvey is approached by two men.

After Harvey and Mitch were beaten up, Kat frets to Sharon about the situation and suggests they delay the opening night at Peggy’s and Sharon pays Phil a visit.

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Kat is fuming to hear Sharon has fired Sam ahead of the club’s launch

assuming Jonah is behind the threats, Phil refuses to back down and insists the launch goes ahead.

Keeping her visit from Phil a secret, Sharon tells Kat the launch is still happening but they have extra security.

At The Vic, Shirley takes advantage of the situation and pays Dotty to cut the CCTV at the bar during the opening night, what is she planning?


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