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Harvey finds out the truth about Bobby in EastEnders after Rocky crosses the line

Can Kathy forgive him? And elsewhere, there's good news for Mila.

As Rocky and Kathy help Harvey move into Albert Square, Dana and Bobby stop by and Kathy mentions it’s the Islamic new year. When Bobby awkwardly invites Dana to the mosque, they get nervous around Harvey and Bobby later tries to convince Dana that they should tell her dad the truth about him.

When Sonia spots Kathy with Rocky, she jokes that they're ready for marriage, but the topic of marriage makes Rocky feel uneasy.

Later, as Harvey and Rocky talk about Bobby, Rocky mentions how Bobby converted to Islam in prison where he went for killing his sister.

Angry, Harvey barges into Kathy’s just as Dana and Bobby arrive back from the mosque. Harvey is shocked to realise that Dana knew the truth and Kathy can't believe what Rocky did and in The Vic, she confronts a nonchalant Rocky.

As Dana and Harvey argue over Bobby, she heads off to celebrate his A level results and when Harvey and Kathy's paths cross, she asks that he doesn't judge Bobby by his past and he later begrudgingly congratulates him on his results.

When Bobby and Iqra hand out flyers for a new prayer room, Waseem, Bobby's friend, comes to help but has a problem with the prayer room potentially being next to a bar that is LBGTQ inclusive.

A determined but angry Iqra defends her faith and sexuality to Waseem, right in front of Mila and the social worker Mila is trying to impress. As a nervous Mila and Iqra await news from the meeting with Kioni’s social worker, they hope that Iqra’s outburst hasn’t jeopardised things.

Thankfully, it’s good news all around as Mila has been granted custody of her sister.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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