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Harvey helps Adam to find someone willing to admit to Natasha's murder in Corrie

As Damon moves in with Sarah, can Adam get rid of him for good?

It's Sarah’s birthday and Adam’s seething as he clocks Sarah helping Damon move his things into the flat. Asking Dee-Dee and Joel about a firearms case he’s taken on, Adam wonders if they've dealt with anything similar.

As Damon hands out shots to Audrey, Gail, Bethany, Nick and Sarah and raises a toast to Sarah’s birthday, Adam shoots him daggers. But when Dee-Dee and Joel arrive at the bistro to tell him that they might have cracked his case, is Adam’s luck about to change? 

Elsewhere, after Dee-Dee tells Ed to make a list of everything that was destroyed in the fire for the insurance company, Damon advises him to submit an inflated claim. But Ed won’t hear of it. However, when Ed goes to the bar, Damon grabs the form.

Urged on by Damon, Sarah suggests to Adam it’s time they discussed their divorce. Struggling to hide his emotions, Adam tells Sarah he wants the flat sold as he doesn’t want Damon living in what was once his home.

Visiting Harvey, Adam runs through his grounds for appeal, pointing out that the only way to be sure of success is if they can pin Natasha’s murder on someone else.

Later, Harvey calls Adam, telling him a man called John Perry is willing to confess to Natasha’s murder. After tracking John down to Weatherfield General, Adam is horrified to realise he’s a cancer patient.

When Sarah tells Adam she’s happy to sell the flat as she and Damon are going to buy a house with a garden, Adam seethes and on the way to the police station, John goes over his confession with Adam. 

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee tears a strip off Damon for lying on Ed’s insurance forms. However when Damon alludes to the fact she too has put her neck on the line for her Dad, Dee-Dee’s worried. 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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