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Harvey vows revenge on Toyah and Leanne in Corrie

As Toyah searches for the truth.

Having taken a call from social services, Toyah excitedly tells Imran that they’re going to be fostering a four-year-old. But the news piles more pressure on Imran as he confides in Adam about Sabeen’s blackmail.

Cornering Rita in the Rovers, Imran likens her foster experience to his own and quizzes her about Sharon. When Rita reveals that Sharon still calls and sends the odd text, Imran’s interest is piqued and whilst Rita is distracted, Imran pockets her phone. But to his horror, it starts ringing!

Later, Imran desperately tries to juggle the impending arrival of Elsie with Sabeen's increasing demands for more information about Harvey. When Rita sees through his latest bid to ingratiate himself, she is disgusted and Imran tells Sabeen the blackmail has to stop.

When Imran is forced to come clean to Toyah about Sabeen's blackmail plan and his one night fling with a stranger, she can’t believe what she is hearing. But has he been entirely truthful?

With Elsie about to arrive, Toyah disappears and bumps into Peter in Victoria Gardens who tells her not to give up on what she and Imran have. Imran is relieved when she returns to the flat all smiles for the social worker. But has she forgiven him?

Later, Toyah is quietly appalled when she finds out from Simon how Imran borrowed his phone in a bid to uncover information about Sharon. When Imran is distracted by Elsie, Toyah steals his phone and later at the Bistro, tells a furious Peter what Imran has been up to.

Meanwhile, Sabeen furiously storms into the solicitors’ office to tell Imran how she’s been accused of misconduct, had all her cases taken off her and he’s made an enemy for life out of Harvey Gaskell - leaving Imran totally bemused.

When Sabeen accuses him of forwarding her private texts to her boss, Imran is devastated to realise that his phone is missing and that Toyah must be the one responsible.

Knowing Harvey’s appeal has been compromised, Peter and Toyah assure Simon he is no longer in danger.

But after Sabeen pays Harvey a visit to tell him that Leanne’s sister, Toyah, has jeopardised his appeal, he furiously - from his prison cell - vows to have his revenge on the Battersby sisters.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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