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'Hero' Samson continues to blackmail Noah as the truth comes out in Emmerdale

When confronted by his angry friends and family, is the game up for Samson?

After Amelia is pleased to see that he's taking more of an interest in Esther, Samson reluctantly babysits, but when Sarah discovers Esther has a burning temperature, they both panic and call an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

And Dan praises Samson for calling the ambulance. Soon everyone is relieved to hear Esther will be okay, but Noah hates the praise Samson is receiving for ‘saving’ Esther.

Later, Samson arrives under false pretences to check on Esther, but instead, demands more money from Noah, to stay out of Amelia and Esther’s life.

The next day, Noah pays Samson off via bank transfer and the minute he receives the money, Samson revokes his desire to spend time with Esther, leaving Amelia devastated by Samson’s change of heart.

Worried that she won’t be able to afford Esther’s childcare, a thought strikes Amelia that maybe Noah could help pay for it with his inheritance. But she’s disgusted by Noah’s reaction that she only uses him as a cash machine.

As Amelia storms off, Charity questions her son after seeing his reaction to Amelia’s request and soon Charity gets to the bottom of the problem. The inheritance has gone and he’s being blackmailed by Samson.

Soon confronted from all angles by his angry friends and family, as the confrontation comes to a climax, Samson tries to wriggle off the hook but he’s left shaken when an ashamed Sam tells him to find elsewhere to live.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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