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Holly reckons Dr Bowman is the secret poisoner in Neighbours

But can she prove it?


Despite her father's warnings, Holly continues to listen to episodes of Crimesborough and hears Dr Gavin Bowman being interviewed about his role in the poison saga and is surprised to discover that Bowman is the one pushing the publicity.

After finding out from Karl and Dex that there is some issue involving Gavin at the hospital, Holly is unable to ascertain exactly what, so steals her father’s hospital pass and uses it to access the personnel records.

But as she brings up Gavin’s file, Remi enters the room. As she tries to cover, Holly pretends she’s there to return Karl’s hospital ID.

Later, Karl, Susan and Remi try to shut down Holly’s theory that he might be the poisoner, and Haz and Mackenzie are similarly dubious about Holly’s theory. Determined to keep digging and prove that she’s right, Holly keeps a close eye on Dr Bowman.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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