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Hollyoaks' double wedding Stunt Week promises colliding paths, merging stories, returning faces and mysterious new ones

Will either wedding go ahead?

A last-minute proposal sees the village hosting two weddings in one day for Mercedes and Sienna, both featuring a lovelorn guest desperate to stop the marriage at any cost.

Hollyoaks' unmissable hour-long episode on Tuesday promises to see the soap go back to its roots offering viewers their first glimpse at the new but old look at everyone’s favourite Chester village. 

And there’s no right turn as residents' paths collide and stories merge, bringing back well-loved characters and introducing mysterious new faces as the wedding day continues.

At the start of the week, it's Sienna's wedding day and her mind runs away with her, worried about what a drunk Rafe meant the night before. But best friend Ste tries to reassure her.

Unable to continue with the pretence, Rafe tells Dilly he’s no longer in love with her and it is Sienna that he wants. With Dilly determined to continue with her scheme to bring down Sienna, we shockingly discover a picture of Patrick Blake in Dilly's necklace locket.

Meanwhile, at The Dog, the McQueens and Diane help Felix with a surprise for Mercedes in which he asks her to marry him, today! Overjoyed, she says yes.

Whilst Warren gives Ella some advice on how to win over Charlie, in return she encourages him to go after Mercedes. After discovering that Joel is planning on proposing to Leela, Warren is quickly distracted when Mercedes shares the news that her and Felix are getting married today.

When Felix asks him to be his Best Man, Warren, in love with Mercedes, questions Felix on if the wedding is a bit fast, only to be told that Mercedes is the love of his life.

With everything getting too much for Warren, Rafe asks the two men if The Loft is open for a drink. In the nightclub the three of them share a drink and Warren warns Rafe against hurting Sienna with the twins involved, and an optimistic Felix looks forward to the future and happiness for them all. But Warren looks doubtful and later tries to stop Mercedes from going ahead with the wedding.

Meanwhile, Ella tries to buy alcohol when she bumps into Mercedes who is shocked to discover she’s home. At the Youth Centre, Shing Lin accuses Ella of trying it on with Charlie when she sees the two together.

When Ella storms off, Leah follows telling her best friend she’s selfish and that she should go back to LA.

In The Loft, Felix checks everything is ready at The Dog via the camera he’s put in there but stumbles across more than he bargained for.

During Tuesday's special hour-long episode, things don't go to plan when Sienna, on her wedding day, receives a voicemail from her fiancé puts the day on hold. But when Rafe makes up his mind and tells Dilly it's Sienna he wants, how will she take the news?

With Mercedes ready to marry Felix, he's left wanting answers after seeing something suspicious and elsewhere, emotions and underage drinking lead to the teens splitting up during a rave as Ste dashes to rescue his daughter.

With some families torn apart, others reunited, sparks from old flames reignited and new loves dampened, will anything ever be the same again?

As news of the incident hits the village, the residents scramble to find out information about their loved ones.

Slowly putting the pieces together, Ste realises that there was a detrimental outcome to his eyes being off the road whilst checking on his daughter who was choking.

Pearl is relieved when he sees Felix walking through the door, but as the McQueens reunite, they and Leela turn on him. And later, Felix is questioned for dangerous driving down at the station.

As Dilly tries to cover her tracks, Sienna is comforted by Ethan. Wanting answers, Sienna looks after a drunken Dilly and promises she won’t leave her. And Dilly asks Sienna if she’ll stay with her at the manor.

At home the police search Ste and James’ home for a burner phone.

Meanwhile, Misbah comforts a suffering Warren who's dealt another blow and Norma arrives just in time to be by his side as he embarks on a heartbreaking task. And in heartfelt scenes, two unlikely residents comfort each other.

Later, Warren finds a struggling Norma and they comfort each other and he tells her that he has a plan, but for now has to bide his time.

Elsewhere, it’s Nancy’s first day back at work and an unprepared Carter throws her in the deep end with an assembly and the vice principal runs over the words she plans to share with the school to John Paul who tells her he’s glad she’s back, before telling Carter he won’t wait for him forever.

After Shing Lin tries to support Charlie, two new school starters stir up some trouble which leads to Shing Lin and Charlie reacting. And things take a shocking turn when Darren steps in.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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