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Hollyoaks launch new podcast 'Don't Filter Feelings'

Hosted by presenter and journalist Lauren Layfield, the podcast will feature conversations about issues that matter, with people who have stories to share.

The first episode will be available from 7.30pm tonight (Monday 2nd September) with the following episodes launching every Monday.

Each week Lauren will be joined by real-life influencers, celebrity guests and Hollyoaks cast as they share personal stories of their life-changing experiences.

Hollyoaks has received much critical and audience acclaim for its issue-based storylines and isn’t afraid to explore difficult subjects to raise awareness and help viewers understand tricky topics through the eyes of their favourite characters.

Don’t Filter Feelings explores some of these issues across 10 episodes launching with episode one - What Is Different?

In the first episode, cast members Kieron Richardson and Amy Conahan join Lauren to explore what it means to be different.

Amy is a wheelchair user and Kieron is gay and they talk about their personal experiences, celebrating individuality and tackling the challenges we face in achieving better equality and re-evaluating what is “normal”.

In the second episode released Monday 9th September, Autism in My Family, Hollyoaks cast member Talia Grant and her sister Olive Gray (Sex Education, Fleabag, Pure) join Lauren to chat about being diagnosed with the condition, growing up on the autistic spectrum and living their lives in the public eye.

And in the third episode released Monday 16th September, Radicalised By Far-Right Extremists. former far right extremist Nigel Bromage joins Lauren and Hollyoaks cast members Rishi Nair and Kieron Richardson as he talks about his personal experience of being radicalised by a gang, before having a wider discussion about the impact of extremism on communities.

Speaking about the new podcast, Lauren Layfield said“I’m so pleased to be hosting the Don’t Filter Feelings podcast, chatting about everything from drag culture to living with autism to far-right extremism - nothing’s off limits!

Don't Filter Feelings will be available Mondays at 7.30pm via all the usual podcast providers


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