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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS A crane collapse wrecks the village leaving many trapped

The following storylines will air 28th October - 1st November at 6.30pm on Channel 4

A crane collapse wrecks the village leaving many trapped


When the diggers and cranes that will make Cindy’s empire a reality arrive in the village, the fragile tunnels underneath start to feel the strain. Still concerned about the lack of health and safety regulations, Tom stages a protest whilst Cindy is frustrated by the slow progress.

No matter how much Tom preaches to Cindy about how dangerous her plans are, she refused to listen. Underground, Charlie and Ella go into the tunnels to moan about what a mess their parents are making of everything.

Over at the pig farm, Breda arrives to tell Tony that their friendship has ended and the only thing left to do is put him out of his misery. However following a call from Goldie, Breda decides to let Tony go home.

But when Breda crashes into one of the cranes on the day Tony was supposed to go home, the crash causes a crack in the village floor leaving Charlie and Ella trapped in the tunnels beneath as the ceiling starts to fall in.

As everyone rushes to Breda's aid as she lies unconscious, rubble continues to fall in on Charlie and Ella as the floor above continues to crack and Walter calls on Tom and Darren to help move Breda's car.

Having been drinking, Luke overhears Woody saying it's too dangerous to move the crane and decides to drunkenly jump on board determined to build his restaurant himself. Everyone is alarmed when Luke turns the crane on, clearly not in control.

Shouting for Woody's help, Luke struggles to cope as the crane arm, loaded with steel girders, begins to swing over the village. As Luke jumps from the cabin, Woody warns Cindy that the crane is sinking into the tunnels.

Overhearing this, Walter tells Darren and Nancy that he saw Charlie and Ella heading underground just as a steel girder falls into the village below, forcing Mandy to the ground.

Looking out of their windows, Sienna and Finn spot the crane out of control and Martine warns Liberty to shut The Emporium and get to somewhere safe. As the fire service arrive, the whole village is evacuated, leaving Ella, Charlie, Darren and Nancy in the tunnels - and it's not long before they realise that no one knows that they’re down there.

As everyone starts to congregate at The Dog for safety, Jack's in hospital with Breda and Sylver rushes there when he hears about his mum. When Diane and Finn arrive at The Dog, Mercedes reluctantly directs them to the refreshments and offers to host Harry’s wake in The Dog now that The Hutch is out of action.

Back at the hospital, Peri embarrasses herself in front of surgeon Edward when she tells him to stand aside so she can put her nursing training into practice, but he’s grateful for her help. Furious with Mercedes, certain that it was Harry who ran her over, Grace starts ripping Harry’s funeral flowers apart before Joel stops her.

And Friday's special episode will take place entirely in the hospital as secrets are revealed and hearts are broken.

Mitchell chooses Scott over Cleo as they get trapped amid the disaster


As Mitchell and Scott enjoy some time alone together, Mitchell gets a text from Cleo to say that she’s on her way home. When she arrives home, he pushes her away leaving her feeling insecure and it takes a lot of strength for he not to binge.

Turning to Mercedes for advice about how to get the spark back in her relationship, Cleo can't helps but be intrigued. Summoning Mitchell home with a sexy surprise, he doesn't respond in the way she wants and asks him why he finds her so repulsive.

Later, Mitchell confides in Scott that he doesn’t want to sleep with Cleo as it would feel like he’s cheating on Anita and decides to break up with Cleo. Back home, Cleo tells Mitchell that she's scared to lose him.

As Mitchell and Anita sneak into the Florist, they hear all the commotion in the village and try to get out. But with the door jammed, will they escape in time?



As the day of DJ’s Christening arrives, Ollie is touched by Darren's emotional words about DJ but pales when Darren reveals that he's invited Luke to the Christening.

When Luke arrives, will there be a showdown?


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