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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Buster's day in court arrives

Upon receiving Buster's plea hearing letter, Ollie confides in Brody but can Damon convince Brody to attend?

When Darren offers Ollie his help, he lashes out at him and Darren decides to move out for Ollie's sake.

Damon visits Buster in prison after him and Brody are told that he will be pleading not guilty, to try and force a confession out of him.

After Darren apologises, Ollie opens up about the plea hearing and tells Mandy that he wants to go to the hearing and look Buster in the eye.

When the day arrives, Damon manages to convince Brody to go, whilst Sienna convinces him to testify. As he goes to the station to record his statement, he later asks Sienna to dinner to celebrate.

Ollie shouts at Brooke after she tries to cheer him up, insisting that he doesn't want to be protected, but later goes round to apologise to her.

Nancy sabotages Ollie's pastoral care meeting by sending Darren an email telling him it's cancelled. So when he doesn't turn up, Mandy is left alone with Ollie.

When Mandy confronts Nancy over the email, she collapses.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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