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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Damon tries to win Holly back

But Zack also wants to win her back.

In order to be able to take Holly on holiday to Venice, Damon sells his mum’s prized suit and sets the scene in a boat in the pond, asking Holly for her forgiveness. Will she accept?

And what will happen when Zack and Damon take part in a poker game with Glenn?

When Damon leaves Zack alone in Glenn’s office, he overhears sensitive business plans but as he tries to escape he makes a noise and Glenn and Adam are suspicious.

The next day, as they try to catch who was in the yard the night before, they spot Zack acting suspiciously and confront him, warning him to keep his mouth shut.

When Zack returns home, he finds a note in his house about a haircut with Adam at 3pm, meaning that he’s been in The Loveday’s house! When Zack goes to the appointment, he is threatened by Adam.

These scenes will air Monday 14th - Friday 18th May on Channel 4


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