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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Finn returns, Brooke's secret is out, Mercedes discovers she's pregnant and more

The following storylines will air 9th-13th September at 6.30pm on Channel 4

When Finn returns home, Diane offers him money to stay in a B&B because she hasn’t told Sinead that he’s coming back. Telling her that's he's changed, will Diane agree to let him prove it?

As the day of Laurie’s funeral arrives, all Sinead wants to do is celebrate that there’s one less rapist in the World, but as Sienna, Sinead and Nancy share a bottle of fizz together, there’s a surprise in store.

Finn offers to move into a hostel when it’s clear he’s not welcome at Diane’s. Meanwhile, Sami asks Sinead and Hannah to live with him permanently.


Still annoyed with Brooke for missing his family dinner, Ollie can’t work out why she’s avoiding him. When Juliet suggests that she should send him a sexy photo, Brooke doesn’t want to show her mid-riff for the photo and Juliet jokingly asks whether she’s pregnant. She’s stunned when Brooke doesn’t deny it.

Quizzing Brooke over her pregnancy, Juliet encourages her to stay off school today. However, she has a plan when Ollie needs her help to surprise Brooke after school.

At the hospital, Mercedes is surprised to see Brooke and tries to persuade Brooke to tell Nancy the truth.

After returning from seeing her mum in Spain, Mercedes is cagey with Sylver who later overhears a conversation between Lisa and Liam about Grace’s hit and run. Telling Mercedes what he heard, Sylver wonders whether he should go to the police, leaving Mercedes panicked.

Bumping into Grace, Sylver offers to help her with her exercises again whilst Nana is curious about Mercedes and Liam’s relationship. When Mercedes finds out that she’s pregnant, she's left wondering who the father is.

As Sylver drags Liam into The Dog carpark, he wants to know whether he was the one who ran Grace over. When Mercedes returns from shopping, she's spooked to see Sylver and Liam together.

Overhearing Mercedes and Nana talking secretively, Sylver thinks Mercedes is back on drugs and confronts Liam about dealing to her, which makes Liam suspicious too. What’s Mercedes up to?

And what's Liam to think when she spots Mercedes coming out of the hospital with Nana?


Cleo decides to get to the bottom of why Mitchell acted so appallingly towards Scott last night. But when he lies to her, saying that Scott made a pass at him she wonders whether it's true, not aware that Scott has overheard.

Elsewhere, Walter doesn’t think that Martine has any right to criticise Mitchell’s upbringing after what she did.


Elsewhere, Marnie and Romeo team up to help James face facts that Harry isn’t coming back, Joel tells Luke that he has to up his game if he wants to get Mandy back, Misbah lies to Auntie Kameela about Sinead and Sami being engaged and Jonny and Stuart eventually let Ste into the ‘inner circle’, unaware that they’re being followed by plain-clothed police officers.


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