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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Goldie closes in on Breda, Tony's father makes a surprise arrival + more

The following storylines will air 21st - 25th October at 6.30pm on Channel 4

Goldie closes in on Breda


When Breda receives a phone call from Goldie, checking up on her, she lies and tells her that she’s got a viewing at the farm. However when Joel tells Goldie to call the estate agent for an update, she's shocked when they tell her that the farm isn't even on the market.

Determined to find out exactly what her mum is up to, Goldie confronts Breda who tells her that the estate agent is lying but Goldie doesn't buy it and books an appointment for her with a psychiatrist.

Not wanting to go to the appointment, Tony tries to convince her it's for the best - even though she knows he's only saying that so that she can reveal her darkest secrets to the doctor.

Turning up at the hospital, just to humour everyone, Breda is hostile with the doctor and in her anger reveals too much, leaving the psychiatrist concerned by what Breda has said - leading to Breda storming out.

Later at The Dog, Breda fills her bag with food but before she can leave she is stopped by Sylver. Unable to get to the pig farm to give Tony any food, he is suffering.

Meanwhile, Goldie has bought a tracking device so they can keep tabs on her and as she follows Breda to the pig farm, Breda's left panicked whilst Tony is hopeful.

Tony's father makes a surprise arrival


After the police tell Diane that Harry’s body is ready to be released, Marnie supports her in organising the funeral and they're both stunned when Tony's dad turns up out of the blue.

Despite sending him packing, Edward begs Diane for another chance, insisting that he only wants to help in Tony's absence. However Finn has his suspicions.

But as Marnie and Cindy help organise the funeral in The Dog, they're both smitten with Edward and Cindy manages to convince Diane to at least hear Edward out - as he admits that he only wants to see his family again.

When Diane says she wants time to be ‘Diane’ again, he comes up with an idea and invites Nancy, Mandy, Darren and Cindy round to the flat to give Diane a bit of adult company, which she’s grateful for. Despite being Diane’s knight in shining armour, Edward continues to undermine Finn.

Diane's worried when she sees Jack crying outside the hospital and Edward starts to make quite the impression on everyone with his intellect, ability to speak numerous languages and the advice he gives to Jack. But not everyone has warmed to him with Luke clashing with Edward.

Cindy bribes her new builder


When Cindy introduces Tom to her new builder Woody, he rolls his eyes knowing that Cindy has only hired him for his looks.

Having found the entrance to the underground tunnels in the village, Charlie is forced to hide during his investigation when he hears Woody and Cindy talking about how she wants to skip the rules and regulations and start the build. But will Woody be won over by flirtatious Cindy?

After finding out that Cindy has already paid Woody £30,000, Tom is then told by Charlie all about hearing them talking in the tunnels about building without council permission. It's then that they realise that Cindy has bribed Woody.

Luke tries to make amends with Ollie


On the day of the adoption meeting, Brooke and Nancy are calm however Luke tries to convince Ollie that he’s making the wrong decision giving his baby up for adoption.

Everyone worries when Luke turns up at the meeting and Cindy later tells him to win back Ollie’s respect by not talking about the baby.

Meeting up, Luke pitches Ollie an idea about going into the restaurant business together.


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