HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Grace wants rid of Glenn

But will she and the WAGS succeed?

With Glenn out of hospital, Grace finally puts her plan in to action to steal an ATM van full of money and manipulate Jay into killing Glenn.

But when he finds Roxy and Grace talking, Jay gets suspicious and confronts Grace about it. Will he agree to Grace's plan?

Glenn is furious and heartbroken when he discovers that Grace has played him and heads back to the village to "take care of here". But what will happen when he turns up at The Loft and finds Grace? And what will happen when they all come up with a plan to finally get rid of Glenn?

When Glenn releases a video to the press of Simone offering sex for cash, it makes headline news and as the WAGS all attend his birthday party they decide to execute their plan to finally get rid of him. But will they succeed?

Elsewhere, hoping to rekindle what she once had with Jesse, Goldie offers to help him plan a party for Glenn's birthday but it's clear that he's still pining over Courtney.