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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Imran's anger surfaces once again

After he learns the truth about Yazz and the anxiety pills.

On Monday (17th September) Misbah is determined to prove that her family isn't a shambles as Aunty Kameela comes for lunch.

But with an angry Imran supposed to be going on a date with Brooke, Yazz decides to drug him again to calm him down to get them through lunch. However she realises that the pills have run out and decides to pick up the prescription without her mum’s knowledge.

When the pharmacist becomes suspicious, how will Yazz explain this one?

On Tuesday (18th September) Imran discovers that Yazz has been drugging him with anxiety pills, he loses his temper and punches her hard in the stomach.

Terrified of Imran, Yazz decides on Wednesday (19th September) not tell Misbah that he punched her despite that pain she is in.

And on Friday (21st September), Yazz meets Imran after school hoping he will apologise, but instead he threatens her that if she tells Misbah he will do it again.

Hollyoaks continues Monday to Friday at 6pm on Channel 4


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