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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS James hits self-destruct mode, Nancy gets stabbed at school + more

These scenes will air Monday 27th - Friday 31st January at 6.30pm on Channel 4

James hits self-destruct mode

Once Romeo and James discover Juliet's plan to leave Hollyoaks with her mum, James warns Donna Marie to cut the cord with Juliet to give her a chance at a better life.

But after some home truths, James is left feeling powerless and after bumping into John Paul, they arrange to go for a drink.

With Juliet having slept at the Lomaxes, Romeo blames James for pushing her away leading him to self-destruct again.


Nancy gets stabbed at school

Announcing her pregnancy, Nancy reassures Mandy that the baby is Kyle’s and Darren in visibly thrown by the announcement.

After teasing John Paul about getting the deputy headteacher job thanks to Sally, he tells her that he's delighted that she's pregnant. As he leaves for his first official day at work, Marnie asks John Paul to help her with destructive James who he finds sitting on the floor of the village drinking wine.

Later, when she tries to break up a fight at school, Nancy gets stabbed after Jordan and his accomplices try to infiltrate the school with their drug trade.

As word spreads about the stabbing, the emergency services arrive, including police officer George Kiss and Marnie, Misbah and Leela suggest to Sally holding a meeting at Salon De Thé to reassure the community.


Jordan makes himself at home in Hollyoaks

When drug dealer Jordan turns up at the Lomaxes to see Sid, there’s an instant spark between him and Leela and he's also intrigued to meet Peri.

After being given a drug run to do by Jordan and a new guitar from Leela, Sid is at a crossroads over which path to take.

Deciding that Hollyoaks will be his new playground, Jordan looks forward to making it his little gold mine and tries to recruit Sid to sell drugs to his friends making him feel uneasy

Later, after a scantily clad Leela catches Jordan's eye, he takes Sid and Juliet to a pub on his estate and Juliet gives one of his friends, Mason a run for his money. But after Sid warns her that she shouldn’t mess with people like him, Jordan encourages Juliet to go home.


Darren tries to be strong

When Darren invites Toby and Celeste on a night out with him and Mandy, Toby is worried that Mandy might remember them buying her silence on the night she was spiked.

With Darren being the life and soul of the party, there’s something troubling him that he’s hiding from the group - painting on a smile the next morning for the school run,

Darren later comes to Tony's rescue when he has a panic attack after continuing to have flash-backs to his time at the pig farm and later tries to be strong as Tony, Luke and Kyle talk about their issues.

Elsewhere, Celeste approaches Mandy with a modelling opportunity and asks her to get a portfolio together.



Liam gives Maxine a stunning dress and she wants her to help him at the club, however things are going well until Damon shows up - and Maxine is overwhelmed by the cash that Liam gives her.

And Mitchell is still scorned after his dating disaster last week - however, unaware of the real reason why Mitchell is feeling low, Walter decides to set his grandson up with any eligible, single ladies that he knows from the church.


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