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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS James tries to take his own life, Mitchell chooses Cleo, Ollie proposes + more

The following storylines will air 7th - 11th October at 6.30pm on Channel 4

James tries to take his own life


When James brings home some men he's met on a night out to continue the party, Marnie is furious and throws them out. Urging him not to drink, Marnie tells James that he needs to come to terms with what has happened.

Bumping into Diane, James apologises to her for saying that Tony was dead and they both discuss how their lives are falling apart without Tony and Harry. Overhearing, Breda discovers that James was tracking Harry's phone.

At the police station, James questions if they have any new information and is shocked by what happens next.

Later, Marnie is horrified to find James stood on top of the archway in the pouring rain and together with Romeo beg h to step back from the edge.

Mitchell chooses Cleo over Scott, but has he made the right decision?


Cleo is furious after Mitchell tells her that he can't move in. But when Scott pushes him to choose between him or Cleo he puts a deposit down on a flat.

As they celebrate getting their own flat at The Dog, Mitchell makes it clear to Scott that he regrets their kiss and tells him to play make believe with someone else.

With his mind whirring and in a drunken, emotional state, Scott writes a note saying "Cleo, your boyfriend is a liar" and posts it under the door of their new flat.

The following morning, Scott wakes up hungover and suddenly remembers what he did. But has Cleo seen the note?

Later, wanting Mitchell to open up to him, Scott is given mixed signals again when Mitchell tells him that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t stay away.

Spotting Walter outside his new flat, Mitchell is worried after he previously made it clear that he disapproves of their moving in together after warning him that marriage must come before co-habitation. However he's relieved when all he wants to do is give his grandson a housewarming present. But what will happen when they're interrupted by Scott dressed as Anita?

With Anita and Nana at the helm, Mitchell arrives to a charity dance-off at The Dog to tell Cleo that she deserves the truth. Pushed to dance to a slow song with Anita, Mitchell feels like they're the only two in the room, but when the song's over, he rushes out.

Following him out, Anita explains that she hopes to find love one day.

Ollie proposes to Brooke


As the teens get excited about their theme park trip, Sienna reminds Brooke that as she's pregnant she won't be able to go any of the rides.

After finding out that Brooke missed her twelve-week scan, Mandy and Nancy decide to get the teens to take this more seriously and summon her and Ollie to the Osbornes. Together with Darren and Luke they talk to them about the baby and discuss options such as abortion.

When Ollie decides he's ready to be a dad, it proves too much for Brooke who later confides in Tom that being responsible for another life forever is too big. But will she feel differently when Tom explains what it was like having Steph and how he finally felt like he belonged after his parents died.

As they wait for their scan, Brooke is feeling self-conscious, whilst Ollie gets emotional seeing their baby on the screen for the first time. But Brooke feels overwhelmed with all the questions she's being asked by the midwife.

Wondering whether Brooke just needs more security, Ollie decides to propose. With Brooke on the school balcony, Ollie and Imran dance for her in the school yard as Ollie gets down on one knee. But will he get the answer he wants?

Things are looking up for Maxine


With things still frosty between Sienna and Maxine, Cleo talks to Maxine about her experience of having a mental illness and Maxine comes up with a plan to pay people back.

Struggling financially, Maxine is encouraged by Cleo to apply for a job at The Dog but Nana shames her out of the pub for what she did to Damon. Luckily, Walter later agrees to giving her a trial shift at Price Slice.

Despite Martine refusing to work with Maxine, Walter is impressed and gives her the job. But with Minnie needing a new coat, Maxine is tempted to steal from the till after learning that she has to wait until the end of the month to get paid.

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