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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS John Paul makes a surprise visit, Sid tempts Juliet as he turns to drugs + more

The following storylines will air 9th - 13th December at 6.30pm on Channel 4

John Paul makes a surprise visit


As Yasmine digs further into Edward’s mysterious past, she warns Finn that Diane isn’t safe who in turn shows Diane all the news coverage which leaves her feeling angry and concerned.

Returning home, Edward agrees to explain himself when he's alone with Diane and hands Yazz a pen drive, full of the news coverage from Finn's rape case.

Later, Edward meets a nervous Sally in The Dog carpark, when a taxi arrives and out steps John Paul asking what the emergency is. He’s then visibly stunned when Edward explains that they need his help to get rid of Finn O’Connor from the village.

Surprised to see John Paul, James takes him for a drink as they discuss whether he's even a little bit tempted to speak to Finn. And Diane and Finn are floored when John Paul turns up at their door.

Having to go back to Singapore, John Paul promises Sally that once he’s tied everything up over there, he’ll come home.

Later on in the week, Nancy invites Diane out for a drink at The Dog’s quiz night to mend their friendship. Despite Edward's keenness to be involved, Nancy pushes back that it should be a girl’s night. But that doesn't stop Edward who invites Jack to the pub quiz too so he can keep a jealous eye on Diane.

And when Grace confronts Mercedes about the blood results in front of everyone, Diane looks very sheepish.

Sid tempts Juliet as he turns to drugs


With Juliet back in the fold with Imran and Ollie, Sid feels rejected and calls his cousin Jordan asking for drugs, but turns to Liam when his cousin can't help him.

Apologising to Sid for ditching him, Juliet invites him back to her house and is taken aback when he offers her drugs.

As James and Liam share a drink in The Loft, James has an ulterior motive and asks Liam for the same drugs that he sold Sid yesterday and Liam suspects he’s being set up.

Playing the sympathy card, James explains that he just wants to forget the pain of losing Harry and Liam thaws. Relating to his own experience of losing Eva, Liam says he can arrange the drugs for James.

Worrying that James is putting their family in danger, Romeo begs his dad to forget about Liam so they can all have the happy family Christmas that he and Juliet have never had before.

Mercedes worries that she's made a mistake


After finding out that Sylver has been charged for shooting his mum, Bobby is reassured by Breda who tells him that with Sylver now in prison, no one will hurt his mum again. However, having lied about Sylver, Mercedes is still worried that the shooter is out there and panic when she's delivered a threatening letter.

Elsewhere, Grace tells Sami that she’s never seen Sylver as low as he is in prison and begs him to do everything he can to get him out of there, whilst Mercedes tells Breda that someone is trying to scare her. Only Breda reassures her that Sylver is in prison and to pull herself together in time for their quiz event tomorrow.

However, someone is watching Mercedes and she is spooked when a barrel is pushed over in The Dog carpark.

Haunted by reminders of being shot, Mercedes wonders whether she should change her statement about Sylver. But Breda asks why she would do that if he was the one who shot her and encourages her to use the pub quiz to show the village that she won’t be beaten.

Elsewhere, when Grace and Sami visit Sylver in prison, Sami reveals that they’re waiting on the lab report from some blood that was left of The Loft door, but Sylver is sure that there’s no way it could be his.

After Breda questions whether Mercedes has false memories about the night she was shot, she swears that she saw Sylver pull the trigger.

Marnie worries about the reaction to her grand opening


After her grand opening, Marnie is less than pleased when she sees all the negative press surrounding her new patisserie.

Wanting to help, Romeo comes up with a social media campaign to bring punters through the door and to make Marnie think she’s inspired the village to speak French, even Goldie.

Jesse panics over his big break


Jesse and Courtney want to know what Toby’s plans are to re-brand the salon, with Toby teasing that a very well-known model friend of his could be Jesse’s next client.

After urging Jesse to be discreet, Jesse panics after already teasing the news online. And as the big arrives, Jesse is nervous about his big break.


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