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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Luke embarrasses Ollie with his drunken antics

Ollie begins the week furious with Mandy and Luke for embarrassing him in front of the village with their argument.

When Luke turns up for work it’s all too much for him and he ends up taking a bottle of champagne home to drown his sorrows. Meanwhile, Darren, Nancy, Tony and Diane discuss cutting Mandy and Luke out of the business.

Ollie arrives at The Dog flat to ask Buster for a lift to the trials but he’s not told Mandy, Luke or the school he is going.

After an incident with Buster, Ollie decides to quit the team but Luke persuades him to give it another shot but can he really put what happened behind him?

Ollie's embarrassed when Luke turns up to practice drunk, with bananas, and tries to climb on to the bus. He falls over and throws the bananas everywhere.

These scenes will air Monday 18th - 22nd June at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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