HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Luke's big plans, Cleo's struggle, Lisa's party and Liberty's big decision

The following storylines will air 2nd - 6th September at 6:30pm on Channel 4

After being released from prison for attacking Scott Drinkwell, who he believed was abusing his son, Luke tells Ollie he has "big plans" as he sets his sights on Cindy, but is Darren right to worry about Mandy?

When she tells him that he can stay as long as he wants, Luke prepares a candlelit meal for Mandy and makes a pass at her, which Darren finds out about after Cindy lets slip.

After urging Ollie to tell the truth about Luke being DJ's father, Cindy turns up at Mandy's flat and finds Luke alone and heartbroken.

When Darren tells Luke and Cindy that one of them needs to move out, Luke offers to go and is overwhelmed when Brody offers to let him stay on the boat for free, but is all as it seems?

Deciding that the Osbornes and Morgans should have a family meal, Ollie is disappointed when Brooke doesn’t show.

Feeling sick, Brooke almost confides in Sally about being pregnant, but they’re interrupted by Nancy, forcing her to continue to keep her pregnancy secret.

As Fresher's Week hits, Mitchell helps Cleo swat up ahead of starting university, but she snaps at him when she can’t answer some of his questions.

Whilst Goldie calls for alternative help in the form of Anita Tinkle. But Mitchell is left flustered when Anita turns up at the McQueen’s dressed as a nurse to help with Cleo’s confidence.

Peri and Cleo bond on their first day at university as Peri tells Cleo to embrace student life, however it all gets too much for Cleo when she’s told to pour baked beans over her head at The Hutch’s food forfeit quiz. As she runs out, Peri does it instead.

Meanwhile, Mitchell and Scott spend time together and Mitchell finds out more about Cleo’s past.

Lisa returns but feels like everyone has forgotten about her dad and rebels against the family welcome home meal by throwing a party.

Martine encourages Scott to dress up as Anita, but Walter shows his disapproval and after seeing Scott and Mitchell talking, he throws Scott out when he touches Mitchell’s arm leaving Martine and Cleo disgusted by Walter and Mitchell’s behaviour.

As the day of Liberty’s insemination arrives, Sienna is excited but it's a different story for Liberty who feels the pressure and backs out of being their surrogate letting slip to Cindy that she's not brave enough to go ahead with it.

Elsewhere, Nancy is stunned when Diane tells her that Finn is being released and as Sylver struggles to sell his carpentry creations, Liberty suggests that they set up business together at The Emporium. As he decides to give their business venture a go, will he regret it?