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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Milo is taken in for questioning

After confessing to Cindy and Liberty that he killed Dirk.

Liberty tries to hatch a plan to cheer Cindy up and Facetimes Cindy when Hilton is playing with Milo at The Emporium.

Cindy feels awful that she hasn’t been there to reassure her little boy, she gets dressed and heads to The Emporium to be with them.

Liberty later kisses Milo to thank him for being their support but the next day Liberty is cold with him and Milo's imagination starts to run wild as he thinks Cindy has said something to Liberty to put her off him.

Cindy wants to watch the footage of Dirk from the camcorder recording he made for Holly before her wedding. As Milo prepares it for her he listens to it realising the conversation between him and Dirk revealing he killed The Cunningham’s has been recorded!

Cindy takes the camcorder before Milo manages to delete it so she can keep it safe for the funeral tomorrow. The day of Dirk’s funeral arrives and Milo is trying to get his hands on the camcorder before Cindy plays it at the wake.

Dennis tells Milo he has already burnt the video on to DVD last night. It's at this point that a guilty Milo tells Cindy and Liberty that he killed Dirk who are both understandably distraught.

DS Roxy tracks him down, he is arrested and taken in for questioning. While looking in Milo’s room, Cindy finds an address for his lock up.

These scenes will air Tuesday 14th - Friday 17th August at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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