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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Misbah's parenting is placed under further scrutiny

As Aunty Kameela pays her a visit and finds out what Imran has really been up to.

Misbah gives Imran her credit card to buy himself a new pair of football boots for the Barcelona trip, however Ollie convinces him to buy alcohol instead.

When Misbah finds out she cancels his trip and Buster kicks Ollie off the team. Furious, Imran later throws a cup of hot tea over Misbah and she's eft with a bad burn on her arm.

With Aunty Kameela's visit imminent, Misbah frantically cleans the house in preparation and when she does arrive, the Maaliks carfully navigate around her questions.

However the secret about Imran trying to buy alcohol is revealed and Kameela accuses Misbah of being too liberal with her children.

These scenes will air Monday 25th - 29th June at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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