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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Nancy suffers an MS attack

While cooking the kid’s dinner and collapses at home.

Also this week, Fran sends Nancy a note asking her to meet her but Darren intercepts it and confronts Fran.

Nancy turns up to The Bean to hold her tutoring classes, she is being watched by a young girl who receives a phone call, revealing she is Fran’s daughter, Brooke.

Brooke uses Nancy’s tutoring classes to speak to her and asks her to forgive Fran, because she is dying.

Nancy decides to go with Brooke to see Fran in hospital, who asks her for her forgiveness, but Nancy can’t give it to her.

How will Nancy react when she explains that Brooke is Autistic?

These scenes will air Monday 9th - Friday 13th July at 6:30pm on Channel 4


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