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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Scott gives up on Anita, Joel discovers it was Mercedes who ran Grace over + more

The following storylines will air 14th - 18th October at 6.30pm on Channel 4

Scott gives up on Anita, but has Mitchell given up on her?


After finding out that Walter’s stroke was caused by his sickle cell disease, Martine wants to restart the search for a bone marrow donor as her thoughts turn to her missing child. Whilst Mitchell still can’t forgive himself for not being there for his grandad.

Meanwhile, Scott tells Diane that he's quitting drag when she catches him destroying his Anita wig. However, when Cleo convinces him to do one last performance at Mercedes’ birthday party, he tells Mitchell that he doesn’t want to be his dirty little secret. How will he react when Mitchell explains that he needs Cleo but wants Anita?

Later, James advises Scott to abandon his pride and go for what he wants, the Deverauxs welcome Walter home and Anita arrives at the flat while Cleo is at university. But how will Mitchell react when Cleo tells him how happy she is?

Joel discovers it was Mercedes who ran Grace over


Mercedes is less than impressed with the 80s caravan Sylver has organised as a special birthday treat and questions whether he even knows her at all. But Nana urges her to give the caravan a chance and tells her he's lucky to have Sylver.

Later at The Dog, Sylver gives Mercedes the cold shoulder at her birthday party - and she realises that he was just trying to recreate their childhood camping memories where he first developed feelings for her.

Joel goes to The Dog flat and plays the confession on Harry’s phone to Mercedes, giving her a chance to tell her family first before he goes to the police tomorrow.

Liberty meddles in Sienna and Brody’s relationship


Trying to keep herself in Brody’s sights, Sienna does some school work on The Dog patio while he works on The Loveboat. Despite her desperation for Sienna and Brody to make up before their scan, Liberty doesn't make any progress and glues herself to The Loveboat in protest - so Luke offers to help.

However, he sets up a party with lots of single girls to tempt Brody instead. Jealous, Cindy sees Luke kissing one of the girls and sparks fly between her and Brody. When Sienna decides to get Brody back and pays him a visit, he hides Cindy behind the bar at The Loveboat and agrees to go to the scan.

But when Sienna returns to tell him what time the scan is, she catches Cindy giving Brody a kiss on the cheek.

Marnie finds out the truth about James


As James wallows after what he did to Romeo, Romeo squats at the Maaliks. When Peri finds him offers him her help, he tells her that James hit him.

Bringing him breakfast, Peri encourages Romeo to make amends with James before it’s too late. However, when she sees James grabbing Marnie’s arm later, Peri tells him that she understands why Romeo is in hiding and Marnie is shocked to hear what James did.

Turning up at the Maaliks, Marnie talks to Romeo wanting him to give James another chance.

Elsewhere, Juliet is angry at James for hitting Romeo and accuses him of pushing Harry away. Just as James turns on Juliet, Marnie arrives and tells him to leave.

After Kyle took pity on him, James stays the night at the Osbornes and Kyle urges James not to give up on his family.



When Jesse presents Liam with adoption papers for Iona, Grace can see that Liam is putting on a happy front. He later confides in her, telling her that Iona reminds him of everything that is good in his life - but he’s terrified of failing her.

Nancy thinks Ollie is having second thoughts about the adoption and when Imran asks Ollie if he’s going to the adoption meeting, he confesses that he’s not sure - not wanting to lose Brooke or the baby.

With Cindy on the war-path, wanting to make sure her grand bazaar goes ahead, she hijacks Leah and Charlie's school project to get rid of the endangered birds that are standing in her way.

And when Breda gives Tony a bag of Harry’s belongings to remember him by, he spots Harry’s phone and waits for his chance to grab it.

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