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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Time is running out for Sienna

But has she discovered who her stalker is?

The clock is still ticking down for Sienna but she manages to leave the house with Sebastian, unaware someone is watching her. She goes to the police and later accuses Joel and Cleo of threatening her.

When she turns to Josh for help, will he oblige? With the clock counting down, Sienna is manic and Grace tries her best to calm her down.

With Grace trying to calm her down, Sienna is manic as the clock counts down and has created a list of potential stalkers in the village.

Whilst having a coffee in The Hutch, Sienna convinces herself Darren is the one stalking her. As the clock hits zero there is a knock at the door …

These scenes will air Monday 14th - Sunday 18th May on Channel 4


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