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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Toby and Celeste move in to the village, Luke runs away from his problems + more

The following storylines will air 2nd - 6th December at 6.30pm on Channel 4

Toby and Celeste move in to the village and make friends


New couple Toby and Celeste move into Mitchell's old flat and as Jesse introduces himself, he invites them round to his flat for a drink. Both him and Courtney are impressed to discover that he's a music producer and she's a modelling agent.

In awe, they can’t believe it when Toby suggests sending his music clients to Donovan’s salon.

Luke runs away from his problems


As Cindy invites everyone to spend Christmas with her in her new/old house, Luke worries about his hand which keeps seizing up. When Sienna spots his hand, she tells him about her father who had motor neurone disease and Luke books a hospital appointment.

When moving in day arrives, Luke asks Darren to accompany him to the hospital for his MRI scan who lies to Mandy, telling her that Luke is buying Cindy an engagement ring.

With Luke running away from his problems, Darren meets him in Chester to tell him to stay strong. Meanwhile back at home, Tom worries that Cindy is moving too fast with Luke.

Marnie opens Salon De The, De Marnie


As Marnie prepares for the grand opening of her French inspired patisserie, she's taking every detail very seriously, including speaking to her staff in French.

And how will Romeo fare when she teaches him the correct pronunciation of Bon Appetit?!

Sienna gets her hopes up


Brody tells Liberty that they need to tell Sienna that she doesn’t have any more viable embryos left, But with Sienna thinking positively, she reaffirms to them that the surrogacy is back on.

After partying all night with Lisa and Martine, Sienna is feels hungover and suggests a bonding experience with Liberty and Brody to mark the start of their journey together.

Whilst Maxine is stuck without electricity or enough food for her and Minnie, Damon tells Brody that he was happier living a lie with Maxine than he is now.

Having been out with Damon, Brody forgets Sienna's birthday and plans a romantic treat for her which is ruined by Liberty talking about Dirk’s toilet habits.

Yasmine is friend-zoned


After admitting to Imran that she like Finn more than a friend, she helps him find a job after he worries about Diane spending Christmas without Tony so that he can buy his mum a nice present.

Managing to secure him a trial shift selling Christmas trees, Yazz is friend-zoned in the process and as he starts his new job, Finn's first drop off is at the school. When Juliet runs off with Finn's hat, he follows her into the school and sees her leave the hat in the classroom where he raped John Paul.

Things are looking up for Juliet


Befriending Sid, Juliet tells him that they're not to blame for their parents’ mistakes. As they realise they have a lot in common, their friendship grows and Sid asks Juliet if she wants to meet up after school.

And after bullying Brooke, Ollie and Imran decide to give Juliet a second chance and invite her to go bowling.



Mercedes has further flashbacks to the night she was shot and the latest arrest shocks Diane.

When someone sneaks in to Mercedes' hospital room, her heart rate increases as the mystery visitor stays and watches her sleep.

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