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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Tony escapes, Mitchell admits his true feelings + more

The following storylines will air 30th September - 4th October at 6.30pm on Channel 4

Tony escapes and Goldie makes a shocking discovery


Over at the pig farm, Tony accuses Breda of drugging him to keep him weak as she gives him a lollipop. After being told that she'll burn in hell and that her plan to help children is flawed, Breda storms out leaving the door ajar and her sewing kit behind.

After finding out that Breda’s been lying to them about where she’s going each day, Sylver and Jack demand answers. But when she realises what she's done, she panics and rushes back to the pig farm, but when she gets there it's too late - Tony has escaped.

And there's even worse news in store for Breda when Goldie thinks her mum is having a breakdown and decides to sell the pig farm. But with Breda refusing to sell the farm, Sylver, Goldie and Jack are increasingly concerned about her and there's a huge shock in store for Goldie as she discovers Harry's grave whilst walking Bronzer in the woods.

On Friday, Diane decides to officially report Tony as missing.

Cindy pulls out all the stops to hang on to Luke


In Tony's absence, The Hutch is going downhill in and Darren reluctantly lets Luke help him in the kitchen. Hilarity ensues when they both end up topless due to a kitchen mishap - oh and Cindy walks in at just the right time to enjoy the view.

Reminiscing about the time they decided to go into business together, Luke admits to Darren that it was a stupid thing to do and asks Darren to buy him out.

Wanting him to hang around, Cindy gives Luke the money to set up his own restaurant in the old florist. After confessing that she feels lonely, Cindy goes on a date at The Dog that Mandy has organises - only Luke is also there on a date. But when both their dates are a disaster, they run out of the pub together and get cosy at the loft.

Waking up in the Loveboat together, Cindy and Luke look forward to their future together, which starts with rolling with their plans to buy the florist and Loft yard. After roping in Tom to invest in her plan for ‘Cunningham’s Grande Bizarre’, Grace agrees to sell to them. But when Cindy tries to kiss Luke to celebrate, he pushes her away.

Feeling scorned by Luke on the day that her ‘Grande Bizarre’ looks set to go ahead, it looks as though there might be more bad news ahead for Cindy.

Mitchell admits his true feelings to Scott


After being told that he needs to stop blaming his behaviour on being drunk, Mitchell admits to Scott that he does want him. Not wanting to be second best, Scott asks him to choose between him and Cleo.

But as Mitchell makes his decision, who will he choose?

Jesse proves to Courtney that he's committed to their future


Feeling put out now that Liam is making more effort with Iona, Jesse is reassured by Courtney that it's not a competition. But after confiding in Darren, he's urged to show Liam who’s boss.

When talk turns to Jesse and Courtney getting married, Jesse bolts out the door leaving Courtney feeling rejected. And as they argue about not getting married, Liam makes Jesse realise that he does want to be with Courtney for the rest of his life.

After Jesse re-proposes, Courtney accepts.

Mercedes is pushed to tell Sylver the truth


Feeling like she doesn't deserve his love after what she’s done, Mercedes avoids having sex with Sylver.

After being lumbered with baby Iona whilst Liam collects some shelves from Sylver at The Emporium, Mercedes struggles with the constant baby reminders following her termination.

Whilst Nana urges her to tell Sylver the truth, Sylver opens up to Liam telling him that he wants to be a dad. Feeling conflicted about having a baby with Sylver, Mercedes speaks to Liam but he tells her to do whatever makes her happy.



Marnie and Romeo want James to get back in the dating game, but he thinks it’s too soon after Harry and there's a school trip to a theme park but Imran doesn’t think he can ask Misbah for the money considering what the family are going through.

Forging Misbah’s signature, Ollie hands in the permission slip for Imran leaving Misbah surprised when Sienna shows her. Covering, Misbah agrees to let Imran go.


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