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HOLLYOAKS SPOILERS Tony returns home, Warren has news for Sienna + more

These scenes will air Monday 13th - Friday 17th January at 6.30pm on Channel 4

Tony returns home as he's reunited with Diane

As Diane prepares for Tony’s return home, she tells Edward that they need to act as if nothing ever happened between them. Reunited with Diane, the moment Tony walks back through the door is an emotional one as Edward watches on, unhappy.

Later, Diane overhears Edward’s kind words to Tony and as Edward and Marnie get close and go on a date to The Dog quiz, Diane’s jealousy is obvious, which he enjoys.

Jordan's control over Sid is clear

As things with Juliet cool down, Ollie gives Sid some relationship advice. With Sid planning to take her to a hotel, Juliet tells Brooke that she’s nervous about spending the night with him.

When Jordan gives Sid the money for his romantic trip, he wants to find out more about Sid’s new life in Hollyoaks and asks to meet Leela and he winds him up about Juliet, as we realise the power Jordan has over his cousin.

Warren has news for Sienna

Worried that Brody didn’t come home last night, Sienna gets an anonymous message asking her to meet someone in the village. Meanwhile, Warren is waiting for her in the closed salon and Sienna flies at him in anger for ruining her life.

Stopping her, Warren reveals that something’s happened to their son, Sebastian. When Warren slips up and calls their son Sean, Sienna realises that the twins she tried to abduct from Maxine’s wedding hotel were her children, despite being persuaded otherwise.

After she threatens to call the police, Warren promises that he’ll move back to the village with the twins if she helps him.

Elsewhere, Damon and Liberty get really worried until Sienna walks through the door. Shocked to hear about Warren’s return, they're concerned that Sienna’s falling into a trap and Liberty urges Sienna to think what cold, calculating Sienna would do next.

Courtney and Jesse prepare for their wedding

Courtney is disappointed to hear that their wedding has to be in The Loft because there was a fire at their original venue. With Courtney stressed that she's not going to get her perfect wedding, Grace urges Jesse to make sure he gives his fiancé what she wants so he fires Azim in order to plan a more personal wedding for him and Courtney, with a Scottish theme.

Together, Jesse and Courtney work their way through their wedding to-do list as they hope they've got everything ready for their wedding in less than 24 hours.

As they count down to midnight and celebrate the start of their wedding day, Jesse is quick to get rid of Courtney as it’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony…

Meanwhile, James returns from his skiing trip and Liam asks him to be his plus one to the wedding, revealing that Breda was the one who killed Harry. Relaising that he had no justification for shooting Mercedes after all, James struggles to deal with the guilt - and Marnie is his shoulder to cry on.

But when he says that he’s hurt an innocent woman and he’s going to the police to confess, Marnie is worried.

Scott and Azim kiss... twice

Scott and Mitchell bump into each other and despite Mitchell wanting to go back to being friends, Scott doesn’t want to know.

As they plan the wedding, Scott and Azim get on very well and kiss. After telling Azim that he’s still not over Mitchell, they go on a date and kiss again as Scott tells Azim he this he's amazing and hot.


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